I invite you to the special course “Karmic astrology”

Lesson plan 1. What is karmic astrology? Individual and collective karma. Karmic instructions in the Natal chart. 1 lesson (duration 30 minutes) + abstract 2. Birth on the day of the Eclipse. Lesson with theory and examples (duration 25 min) + synopsis 3. Lunar nodes: a link between the past and the future. Position of nodes in zodiac signs, connection of karmic nodes with planets, aspects of planets to lunar nodes. Video 40 minutes + synopsis 45 pages 4. The role of Lilith in the karmic analysis of the Natal chart. Check for Lilith every 9 years. Lilith’s connection to the planets. Lilith’s connection to the Lunar nodes. Video 33 minutes + Synopsis 15 pages 5. Retrograde planets: karmic problems and connections. Lesson 17 minutes with a detailed example and Synopsis 4 pages 6. Natal chart houses and karma. Video 17 minutes + synopsis 4 pages The cost is 50 euros. + 15 euros Practical lesson with karmic analysis of your Natal chart. You will learn: – See the main signs of fate in the Natal chart – Better understand your strengths and weaknesses – Develop your skills and talents – See the relationship between generations and relatives.

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